The Agency Model is Dead…and What’s Next

BY Mark Nead, October 28, 2018

Gone are the days when you can check “marketing and advertising” off the list after producing a 30-second tv spot. Today’s marketing activities happen on many channels simultaneously, and the messaging on all channels must align. Meanwhile, the execution timeline has shrunk from weeks to just days.

Marketers who work with traditional ad agencies are under a lot of pressure and feel like they’re herding cats. They’re running around trying to coordinate strategy, execution, technology, media etc., often with different vendors who don’t have a holistic understanding of their marketing objectives (nor do they care.)

As a result, campaigns are fragmented and many marketers are left with pieces of the puzzle — pulling their hair out and trying to put the puzzle together.

Yet… clients are paying these agencies big dollars so they don’t have to wrangle with all the scattered pieces. What’s gone wrong? Why is this happening?

The traditional agency model Is failing

As the convergence of media, creativity, and technology requires a comprehensive, integrated approach to marketing, the traditional agency model has failed to meet the needs of today’s marketers:

Bridging the gap: a progressive client-centric approach

As a marketer, you need a close partnership with a team of experts who shares your goals and understands your long-term strategic vision.
Such client-centric model allows you to develop all your marketing initiatives holistically. It provides the accountability to ensure that both the strategy and execution are focused on your KPIs and your objectives. Here are some characteristics to look for when selecting a marketing partner:

Looking to the future: the “unagency” model

At Boondock Walker, we call this progressive and client-centric approach our “Unagency” model. We’ve been tinkering the details and refining this method for years, while supporting clients on a range of branding, design, and storytelling initiatives.

If you want to move away from the “Mad Men” drama or dog and pony show; if you’re ready to stop paying for a large team to sit in long meetings (plus their coffee and donuts); or if you think paying a “B” team to come up with cliched, generic ideas isn’t worth your money…it’s time for a change.
Let’s talk. Our “unagency” model may be exactly what you need to bridge the gap between the traditional approach and modern marketing.


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